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VIVOTEK officially establishes Development Office in Mexico

VIVOTEK officially establishes Development Office in Mexico

VIVOTEK officially establishes Development Office in Mexico

VIVOTEK, a leading IP surveillance provider, announced the opening of new development office in Mexico. The new office allows VIVOTEK to establish a stronger presence in the region and will offer greater access to the Latin American market while strengthening VIVOTEK’s competitiveness and localization strategy.

William Ku, Vice President, Brand Business Division, VIVOTEK Inc. said:

“As an international company with 16-year experience in the surveillance market, VIVOTEK has expanded globally with local offices and branches in the U.S., the Netherlands, India, and Middle East. We are now thrilled to open a new office in Mexico which will both enhance local communication and develop more business potential in the Latin American market. To create a significant network for business communication, we will increase local recruiting and attract talent from diverse backgrounds. As our customer base grows, we will of course continue to provide resources and training courses in this area.”

At its new location, the VIVOTEK Mexico office will be in a position to gain valuable market insight that will support the continued contribution and expansion of Latin America’s business development. Looking ahead to the future, VIVOTEK will continue to deliver innovative IP surveillance solutions and expand its global footprint in all potential markets.

VIVOTEK, established in 2000, has quickly taken its place as a leading brand in the security industry. Known for delivering world-class IP surveillance solutions, VIVOTEK specializes in system applications and integration. With innovative R&D teams adopting ground-breaking codec technologies, VIVOTEK provides a wide range of products, including network cameras, video servers, video receivers, network video recorders, central management software, and PoE solutions. VIVOTEK (TAIEX: 3454) was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2011. In 2008, a branch office was set up in California, USA. VIVOTEK established Europe branch office in Almere, the Netherlands in 2013, India office in Delhi in 2014, Middle East branch office in Dubai in 2015, Mexico office in 2016. VIVOTEK is currently working with more than 183 authorized distributors in over 116 countries.

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