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VIVOTEK IP surveillance ensures both safety and security

VIVOTEK IP surveillance ensures both safety and security

VIVOTEK IP surveillance ensures both safety and security at Iran Chaponashr Printing and Publishing Factory.

VIVOTEK’s IP surveillance solutions have been successfully applied by Chaponashr Printing and Publishing Factory, an innovative printing and publishing firm located in Tehran, Iran.

To best monitor the movement of materials, visitors and employees throughout the facility, Chaponashr enlisted the expertise and experience of Pooya Fara Negar (PFN) Technology to deploy VIVOTEK’s comprehensive and reliable IP solutions to fulfill a range of surveillance demands. As such, 9 different VIVOTEK camera models were used, and a total of 171 cameras were installed at Chaponashr’s facility, all connected to 2 network video recorders (NVR) and controlled via VIVOTEK’s own VAST software.

Within Chaponashr’s production and binding saloon, as well as the facility’s main entrance, 4 2-megapixel SD8363E speed dome network cameras were chosen for their 360-degree monitoring capability and 20x zoom function, allowing comprehensive monitoring and optimal image delivery of the facility’s surroundings. A further 92 2-megapixel IB8369 bullet network cameras were installed throughout the facility. These cameras provide a great cost-to-benefit ratio with a range of features including built-in IR illuminators effective up to 20 meters and weather-proof IP66-rated housing.

Adding another layer of security, 11 units of FD8137H and FD8169 were installed throughout Chaponashr’s well-lit office space, making use of the two models’ ability to handle natural or bright-light conditions thanks to WDR functionality. Finally, all of these extremely capable network cameras are connected to two NVRs via VIVOTEK’s VAST software with 200 licenses, allowing security footage to be recorded and monitored in real-time from a centralized, secure location within Chaponashr’s facility.

Alex Kuo, Department manager of VIVOTEK’s International sales department I, is excited about the project, saying “thanks to the cooperation of these two innovative, forward-thinking firms, VIVOTEK once again has provided a high-tech, comprehensive monitoring solution to a company with a once difficult, but now superbly solved, security-monitoring dilemma. Chaponashr, Pooya Fara Negar (PFN) and VIVOTEK will continue to innovative and move forward in the 21st century within respective industries, and consumers and clients alike will continue to benefit from our advancements.”

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