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US drone strike kills its own

US drone strike kills its own

A report received by from Global Risk Awareness, a leading global Cyber Intelligence company states:

“Today, 23 April, the United States President Obama declassified intelligence relating to a US drone strike in Jan 2015 that left two foreign nationals dead – including a US citizen.

The public announcement followed a Wall Street Journal report stating a United States drone strike targeted a suspected al-Qaeda compound in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, accidentally killing two aid workers held hostage by the militant group Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS); the aid workers were subsequently identified as US national Dr. Warren Weinstein and Italian national Giovanni Lo Porto.

While the press report explicitly noted it was a US drone strike carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), President Obama’s verbal remarks referred to the incident only as a counter-terrorism operation.

The declassified intelligence further noted that in the same strike that killed both foreigners, American al-Qaeda leader Ahmed Farouq, was also killed while in a separate strike that month – yet another US national – al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahm was also targeted and successfully killed.

Pakistani press and al-Qaeda reported earlier this month that Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) senior leader and deputy emir Ustad Ahmad Farooq was killed in a United States drone strike; that said, DC’s declassification of intelligence – which confirmed Farooq’s killing – presents the first indication that Farooq was a US national as neither Al-Qaeda nor foreign or domestic press reported this.

It is believed that targeting was a result of long standing surveillance by imagery intelligence and signals intelligence assets and it is because of this that they had not identified the hostages being held in the same compound.

This incident reinforces the continuing US operation against Al Qaeda and their commitment to carry out direct action that they are now calling a counter-terrorism operation. This is likely the be new US vernacular to describe drone attacks.”

President Obama praised what he claimed was his administration’s exceptionally transparent response to the tragedy.

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