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Upgrades to the Pyronix UR2-WE

Upgrades to the Pyronix UR2-WE

Upgrades to the Pyronix UR2-WE – Walk Test Mode and Active Input Indication added.

Product Overview

The zone expansion module delivers the ability to connect any brand of wired control panel with a arm/disarm output, including the Euro Mini Prox, to the full Enforcer two-way wireless range of devices.

Featuring two wireless channels, each of which can learn up to 10 Enforcer sensors and up to six wireless keyfobs. Each channel can either support fobs or detectors, but not a combination of the two, totalling up to 20 sensors or 12 fobs wireless devices.

Upgrades to the UR2-WE

New Features

With addition of Walk Test Mode, the installer can test the detectors that have been learnt onto the device before leaving the site to make sure they are fully functional.

Furthermore, with Active Input Indication, the segment display on the device will show the number of inputs that have been activated during a arm cycle on the panel.

Key Features

The receiver maintains the benefits and key features of the multi-award winning Enforcer two-way wireless, such as: instant two-way device control, bi-directionality technology, signal strength indication and one push to learn.

Not only that but connecting the UR2-WE’s arm input to an output on the control panel allows you to wake the wireless detectors up when the connected security system is armed, giving you superior detection capability as there is no ‘sleep time’. When the user disarms their security system, the wireless detectors are put into ‘sleep’ until the security system is next armed to provide a longer battery life.

Whether installing new or upgrading existing systems, the UR2-WE offers the ultimate in flexibility.

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