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Tyco announce version 4.9 of the American Dynamics’ victor VMS

Tyco announce version 4.9 of the American Dynamics’ victor VMS

Tyco announce version 4.9 of the American Dynamics’ victor VMS

Streamlined centralised license management and robust remote system access via enhanced web client

Tyco Security Products introduces version 4.9 of the American Dynamics’ victor Video Management System and VideoEdge network video recorders (NVR), with more powerful, intuitive features designed to put greater system functionality and key information in the hands of security system operators and administrators.

Installers can spend precious time updating NVR licenses, for instance when adding cameras to a system; with the introduction of victor and VideoEdge V4.9 license management has been streamlined with a new centralised licensing option. Using the victor Application Server License Manager, administrators can conveniently and easily assign and reallocate licenses for cameras and analytics throughout the entire enterprise system from a single location, which saves time and costs associated with visiting dispersed sites.

To enable the intelligent use of available bandwidth, VideoEdge automatically configures and optimises a second stream of video transmission from each camera, reducing bandwidth usage within the victor client environment for streams displayed on mobile devices or other constrained environments. This also enables motion detection to be configured automatically out of the box, another time saving feature for installers. Automatic motion detection enables Smart Search capabilities and Smart Streaming so users will always have these capabilities available to them without additional setup. Additionally, VideoEdge offers video analytics support for Illustra Pro IP mini-dome cameras, which will be available with Edge Analytics.

Push to talk audio allows an operator to transmit an audio message recorded on their victor client to one or more VideoEdge NVRs on the network for output on a public address system. This new feature gives administrators the capability to deliver critical communications during time-sensitive events more quickly and to a wider audience.

For systems that are integrated with the Software House C•CURE 9000 Security and Event Management system, the latest version of victor web includes Personnel Activity Monitoring, which monitors system admits and rejects in real time. The easy-to-navigate interface enables administrators to easily view and edit personnel-related credentials and clearances. Cardholder images can be displayed based on granted or rejected access or other events for easier investigations or reporting.

As part of the victor V4.9 release, new features and refinements to the victor web client put more powerful and intuitive remote VMS management capabilities into the hands of security system users when using the victorWeb client though a browser. Additions include:

System-wide health monitoring that tracks real-time recording, streaming and information processing data for all connected devices from any supported browser. Use of optional dashboards enable users to avoid outages and quickly identify system issues such as CPU usage, disk usage, network usage, connected cameras per recorder and current firmware version.

Interactive maps that can be imported from victor Client for intuitive system navigation.

• A virtual PTZ function that offers users the ability to select a fixed camera view and zoom in to view greater detail in a specific area.

• Extended retail and business information reporting options give users greater insight into key areas such as store performance, building access and more.

Click here for more information on the victor 4.9 Video Management System

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