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Threat to Judges in Egypt

Threat to Judges in Egypt

The so called IS Province of Sinai issued an audio statement on May 20 threatening Egypt’s judiciary and warned judges that they would chase them into their homes and poison their foods if necessary.

The threats by the IS branch in Egypt, known as the IS Province of Sinai, were issued by the leading figure within IS-Sinai Abu Osama, who stated in the 17 minute long audio that Egypt’s judiciary “murdered our brothers” a reference to the IS militants sentenced to death over the killing of Egyptian army officers last year.

The threat came a week after three judges were killed in north Sinai by IS militants. Therefore although the threat to judges in Sinai is real, it remains to be seen whether the IS will reach judges elsewhere in the country.

Talking to Aimen Dean from 5 Dimension Consultants who is a leading expert on Jihadism he told Security “The threat against judges by the IS is real and imminent in Sinai but not necessarily in the rest of the country.”

He added “The IS has so far failed to carry out significant attacks or assassinations in mainland Egypt and from the tone of the threat Abu Osama seems to incite, rather than order attacks on judges and prosecutors in mainland Egypt.”

“I believe the threat by IS against mainland Egypt remains a distant possibility as IS capabilities in mainland Egypt are still developing and far from being ready to use; however this could change towards the end of this year or by early 2016.”

What is clear is that IS are continuing to chip away at the regime in Egypt probably looking for opportunities to try and increase instability. It will be interesting to see how IS act around any instability caused when Mohammed Morsi and more than 100 other people, sentenced to death over a mass prison break in 2011, have their sentences imposed.


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