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THREAT ALERT – International Schools

THREAT ALERT – International Schools

Global Risk Awareness monitored a message, posted in an Internet forum on October 25th, by an unknown author, identifying teachers at American and international schools abroad as potentially vulnerable and politically significant target. We have reasons to believe this threat is credible. All security measures should be taken by Westerners to avoid any possible attack.”

It is always advisable to keep your security and situational awareness levels high. Please follow these good personal security practices:

– Avoid crowds or large gatherings when traveling in public.

– Know where you are going and have a plan of what to do in the event you encounter demonstrations or violence.

– Identify safe areas (for example police stations, hospitals, government buildings) in your area and how to get to them quickly.

– Tell co-workers or neighbours where you’re going and when you intend to return.

– Minimize your profile while in public.

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