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The PCX46 APP: benefitting installers and end users alike

The PCX46 APP: benefitting installers and end users alike

The PCX46 APP: Benefitting installers and end users alike

The PCX46 APP is a professional high-security hybrid solution that incorporates IP video cameras and automation control outputs. It is designed and manufactured to deliver maximum security and convenience for installers and end users alike.

Your security, monitoring and notifications are all accessible on the go from anywhere in the world thanks to the PyronixCloud and HomeControl+ App infrastructure.

So, what are the benefits for you, the installer?

Firstly, there are great financial advantages as the PCX46 APP can help you earn more, save more and even upsell systems.

Thanks to remote programming and diagnosis of systems through the PyronixCloud infrastructure, using Insite UDL software, you wont have to make as many call-outs, which saves you the costs of sending out your engineers to site. Furthermore, this also allows you to establish recurring revenue streams by offering PyronixCloud management services.

There is no need for on-site setup of static IP addresses or configuration of network connections thanks to Dynamic IP. Instead you simply set up an account on, which in turn makes installation more efficient than ever before.

There are a whole host of upgrade options available with the full Pyronix award-winning two-way wireless range, which makes upsell easy.

Not only that, but you can also add your company logo to the HomeControl+ App through your PyronixCloud account and all apps connected to the systems you manage through your account will display your logo; guaranteeing brand consistency throughout your installations.

But what are the advantages of the system for your End User?

With the HomeControl+ App, they are afforded complete control over their property from anywhere in the world. They can check the status of every individual device on their system, check their entire event history, arm and disarm areas, receive notifications and more.

There are a whole host of wireless add-on solutions that make the PCX46-APP easily upgradeable, such as the full range of Pyronix award-winning two-way wireless range – add sensors, detectors, sirens and much more.

If they add the IP HD internal pan and tilt and external static HomeControl+ video cameras to their system, they can view live streamed video directly on their smart devices. This ability means that they can look into their property when an alarm is activated, as well as monitor their pets while they are away or at work, check on an elderly relative who lives on their own or even check that their children have arrived home safely from school.

The PCX46 APP system can be tailored for any and all needs to deliver the best possible solution for you, the installer, and your customers.

For more information, contact Pyronix’ International Sales Manager, Hassan Uddin Ahmed via email:

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