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Teleste’s innovative solutions for video surveillance

Teleste’s innovative solutions for video surveillance

Teleste’s innovative solutions for video surveillance

Teleste, an international technology group specialised in video security and information systems, unveils an innovative, comprehensive and secured Mobility Platform as part of its video management system, S-VMX. The platform extends the S-VMX capabilities to all security forces, police officers and first responders on the move.

Olivier Nitre, VP of Sales and Products of Video Security for Teleste said:

“Nowadays, the videosurveillance technologies cannot stay confined in the Operation Centers, but have to be available everywhere on the move. The emergency and security forces can now have a reliable tool to access the video information in real time, but also to feed the Operation Centers with live images when and where needed. The cyber security and encryption are one of the key differentiators of the Teleste solution. Tablets, phones and laptops can securely connect to the central VMS system, using a fully built-in secured connection over public or private networks”

Multi-purpose, geolocalised and dynamic CCTV HD video transmission with fully secured and encrypt-ed transmission for instant access to the video security system on the move

The Teleste S-VMX Mobility platform offers many different possibilities and functions for CCTV mobile op-eration, including push HD video from operating center to mobile devices, control mobile cameras from tablets, high-quality video live streaming, taking videoclip from the phone’s camera and store it in the central recording platform on the fly as evidence material, as well as localise phones and tablets in real time on georeferenced maps, together with camera control and positions. Based on an intelligent secure portal ac-cess, the platform utilises the best of cryptographic technologies (PKI + RSA and multi-factor authentica-tion, TLS, Blowfish and AES): the secret stays secret – a fundamental criteria in a security application.

Teleste S-VMX Mobility platform and Command & CaptureTM intensively used in Paris to protect COP21 : UN conference on climate change

The Teleste S-VMX is the cornerstone of the Paris Video Security system deployed by the Iris Consortium. The system currently controls more than 12.000 cameras in total, including the city centre, metro, railways, traffic, large shopping malls and La Defense business area.

Recently, the Mobility platform was used for the protection of the COP21 (UN conference on climate change). The event took take place in December in Paris Le Bourget and attracted 180 Chiefs of State and Government, 50,000 participants, including 25,000 official delegates from government, intergovernmental organisations, UN agencies, NGOs and civil society. The conference was under high surveillance by the po-lice, secret services, anti-terrorism and other security forces from Paris’ Prefecture de Police and Ministry of the Interior. On top of allowing the police mobile teams to access the Paris video surveillance system and all its regular cameras, the Teleste platform offers the teams additional access to video sources deployed specifically for the conference: drones, captive balloons with long range cameras and helicopter cameras.

• From Police HQ: operators and officers can watch live and record video evidence pushed by police officers’ mobile phones,watermarked to be used in the court as evidence if needed

• HQ to push “spot video” to the mobile tablet in “crisis mode”, the Police HQ to coordinate and guide the tactical forces in the field

• Police officers on the move can access and control any camera in the Paris area

• Teleste systems fully secures all these operations, as well as authenticates and encrypts data transmis-sions

• Using Command & Capture, many temporary video sources, such as mobile command cars, as well as mobile cameras, could be integrated into the core system

• Mobile or temporary command centres can be interconnected for the time of the event

Teleste will demonstrate the S-VMX at Intersec 2016, 17-19 January in Dubai. You are welcome to learn more and visit our stand S1-E42! Visit here for more information about our event offering.

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