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TBS selected by Dhofar Insurance

TBS selected by Dhofar Insurance

Time and attendance from TBS selected by Dhofar Insurance

The Dhofar Insurance Company boosts productivity by providing multi-site log-in/log-out convenience to employees. The 36 TBS 2D-Terminals solution, spread over 28 remote sites in Oman, performs country-wide Time & Attendance.

Dhofar Insurance has 25 years of experience in delivering a wide range of insurance services in every region of the Sultanate of Oman. The company has a network of 45 offices, spreading from the major cities to the remotest areas.

Dhofar Insurance was searching for a progressive Time & Attendance biometric solution that would allow employees to log-in in one branch and log-out from another, keeping a synchronised track of events. It was also challenged with optimising the installation process in distant locations.

Touchless Biometric Systems solution answered all the demands. The flexible and customizable system allowed smooth synchronisation of all locations. Time & Attendance software was tailor-made for Dhofar Insurance by TBS partner in Oman, United Systems and easily integrated with TBS firmware and management software.

TBS also offered a cost-effective solution for the installation in remote locations. Experts from United Systems centrally programmed the devices with access rules and time-tables, making it easy to mount devices in distant branches. Installation was effortless and could be carried out by regular technicians remotely.

United Systems deployed 36 TBS 2D-Terminals with immediate positive feedback: great accuracy of the devices, freedom for employees to use readers in different locations, while tracking all records with “Swiss precision”. All of the above contributed to Dhofar Insurance Company’s increased efficiency and productivity.

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