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IS understand manoeuvre warfare

IS understand manoeuvre warfare as they fight back against the YPG move on Ain Issa The IS launched a bold attack on Kobane late last night that took the city’s YPG defenders by surprise. The IS forces are now in control of two districts West of Kobane. In addition, the IS forces launched another surprise attack…

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Islamic State on the run?

Islamic State on the run? The Kurdish YPG forces captured a strategic military base from the IS (Brigade 93) and are advancing towards the town of Ain Issa, about 30 miles from the IS de facto capital in al-Raqqa. The IS are redeploying significant resources to defend their capital. The YPG managed to capitalise on…

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MENA Region Daily Brief – 11 March 2015

MENA Region Daily Brief – 11 March 2015 Iraq: Troops, allied militias make gains in IS-controlled Tikrit Iraqi military troops, backed by allied militias including Hashid Shaabi, ambushed the strategic, Islamic State-controlled city of Tikrit, regaining control of the Military Hospital and capturing at least half of Qadisiya district. One day prior, troops seized the…

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MENA Intelligence update 03 Mar 2015

MENA Intelligence update 03 Mar 2015- Provided by Global Risk Awareness Iraq: Kurdish sources indicate a US national carries out suicide bombing near Samarra Kurdish sources indicated that United States national Abu Dawud Al-Amriki detonated his explosives-laden truck in front of a group of Iraqi soldiers, killing at least 12 people, just outside of Samarra…

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