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US drone strike kills its own

US drone strike kills its own A report received by from Global Risk Awareness, a leading global Cyber Intelligence company states: “Today, 23 April, the United States President Obama declassified intelligence relating to a US drone strike in Jan 2015 that left two foreign nationals dead – including a US citizen. The public announcement…

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A dangerous Iranian escalation in the conflict in Yemen?

A dangerous Iranian escalation in the conflict in Yemen? The Iranian leadership is sending two Iranian naval vessels into the military operations zone around Yemen’s waters in a step that could be seen by Saudi Arabia and her allies as provocative and escalatory. A source within the Saudi MoD told 5 Dimension Consultants in Dubai…

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US DoD hacked by IS

US Military servers hacked by IS and personnel data leaked Just after midnight the Global Risk Awareness team intercepted a message from a group calling themselves the Islamic State Hacking Division (ISHD). They described their target as “The US Military” and the leak as “the addresses of 100 US Military personnel”. They claim to have…

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Regional brief – 18th March 15

Regional brief – 18th March 15 Tunisia: Unidentified gunmen open fire at museum in Tunis At least seven foreign nationals and one Tunisian were killed when unidentified gunmen opened fatal fire inside of the Bardo museum, located next to the Parliament building in central Tunis. At time of writing, sources indicated that the gunmen had…

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