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MENA Daily Brief – 17 March 15

Syria: Syrian military reportedly carries out deadly chlorine attack in Idlib Sources indicated that that the Syrian airforce carried out at least two barrel bombing attacks, targeting the Sarmin neighbourhood, located in the southeastern area of Idlib, during evening hours local time on 16 March. At least six people were killed in the latest chlorine…

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MENA Region Daily Brief – 05 Mar 15

MENA Region Daily Brief Gaza Strip: Militants set Fatah leader’s private residence ablaze Unidentified militants hurled flammable material at Fatah leader Riyad Abd al-Wahed’s private residence in the eastern Gaza Strip in what was the latest attack targeting members of the political party in the Strip. A series of low-level explosions have rocked the vehicles…

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MENA Region Daily Brief

MENA Region Daily Brief Syria: Explosion rocks military intelligence headquarters in Aleppo Syrian rebels carried out a major attack targeting the Syrian Air Force Intelligence’s headquarters in Aleppo, detonating an improvised explosive device (IED) in a tunnel near the building and then ambushing it and opening fire. Initial reports indicated that dozens of regime soldiers…

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Regional Intelligence Reports to 17th December 2014

Regional Intelligence Reports to 17th December 2014  GCC Meeting overview The 35th Ministerial and Heads of State meeting of the GCC was held in Doha on December 9. Regional security issues, as ever, featured high on the agenda with the summit focusing primarily on the threat from the Islamic State (IS) and other extremist groups,…

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