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MENA Daily Brief – 17 March 15

Syria: Syrian military reportedly carries out deadly chlorine attack in Idlib Sources indicated that that the Syrian airforce carried out at least two barrel bombing attacks, targeting the Sarmin neighbourhood, located in the southeastern area of Idlib, during evening hours local time on 16 March. At least six people were killed in the latest chlorine…

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MENA Daily Update as at 16th March 2015

MENA Daily Update as at 16th March 2015 Iraq: Kurdistan Region Security Council releases video reportedly showing ISIS chemical weapon attack The Kurdistan Region Security Council released new video footage and laboratory results reportedly proving that the Islamic State (IS) militant group carried out a at least one suicide truck bombing attack, targeting Peshmerga troops,…

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MENA Region Daily Brief – 11 March 2015

MENA Region Daily Brief – 11 March 2015 Iraq: Troops, allied militias make gains in IS-controlled Tikrit Iraqi military troops, backed by allied militias including Hashid Shaabi, ambushed the strategic, Islamic State-controlled city of Tikrit, regaining control of the Military Hospital and capturing at least half of Qadisiya district. One day prior, troops seized the…

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