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Breaking News: Kuwait attacked!

Breaking News: Kuwait attacked! Breaking News from 5 Dimension Consultants At 1:04PM local time a suspected suicide bomber detonated his device at Imam Saddiq Shia mosque in al-Sawabir area near the Kuwaiti capital. There are reports of casualties including fatalities. Early pictures shows limited damage to the exterior of the mosque but clearly some worshippers…

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MENA Region Daily Brief – 12 March 15

MENA Region Daily Brief Syria: Fierce battles kill scores between regime troops, JaN fighters in Latakia province At least 50 Syrian regime soldiers and rebels were killed during intense battles in Bashar al-Assad’s home province of Latakia, with the fiercest clashes taking place in rebel-controlled Jabal al-Akrad district, through overnight hours local time into the…

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