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IS understand manoeuvre warfare

IS understand manoeuvre warfare as they fight back against the YPG move on Ain Issa The IS launched a bold attack on Kobane late last night that took the city’s YPG defenders by surprise. The IS forces are now in control of two districts West of Kobane. In addition, the IS forces launched another surprise attack…

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Islamic State on the run?

Islamic State on the run? The Kurdish YPG forces captured a strategic military base from the IS (Brigade 93) and are advancing towards the town of Ain Issa, about 30 miles from the IS de facto capital in al-Raqqa. The IS are redeploying significant resources to defend their capital. The YPG managed to capitalise on…

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Threat of Kidnap in Libya and Sinai dramatically increases

Threat of Kidnap in Libya and Sinai dramatically increases The latest Islamic State (IS)’s English language magazine “Dabiq” was published on February 12. An article containing a picture of a group of men, paraded along the shore while dressed in orange jumpsuits and led by IS militants. Late last year the IS announced the founding…

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ISIS drone capability?

ISIS drone capability? The opening 35 Sec of the latest ISIS video featuring the hostage John Cantlie in a TV documentary type video on the Islamic State has imagery from a high quality camera flying over what is reported as Kobane in a sophisticated drone. Just before the drone footage switches to John on the…

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