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MENA Region Daily Brief

MENA Region Daily Brief Syria: Explosion rocks military intelligence headquarters in Aleppo Syrian rebels carried out a major attack targeting the Syrian Air Force Intelligence’s headquarters in Aleppo, detonating an improvised explosive device (IED) in a tunnel near the building and then ambushing it and opening fire. Initial reports indicated that dozens of regime soldiers…

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Islamic State maritime trade

Islamic State maritime trade Five Dimension consultants based in Dubai have been given information suggesting the Islamic State (IS) is intensifying the use of maritime shipping and cargo front companies in Turkey and Libya. They are reported operating in cooperation with human trafficking networks, to supply their “provinces” in Libya and the Sinai with money,…

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Japanese Hostages latest – Kenji Goto barbarically executed

Updated: IS Japanese Hostages Possibly Executed – Latest information as at 31 Jan 15 – 2200 GMT The so called Islamic state has released a beheading video of Kenji Goto the Japanese journalist held by the IS and used as a negotiating pawn for the release of Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi. Al-Rishawi is an Iraqi woman suspected…

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Regional Intelligence Reports to 12 November 2014

Middle East Regional Report Jun 23 – Jul 02 2016

Regional Intelligence Reports to 12 November 2014 Fuller versions of these reports and more are available from 5 Dimensions Consultants Yemen Former President Saleh secures the ouster of Hadi as the leader of the GPC party. Although Hadi remains president of Yemen, Saleh and the Houthis may well push him out. Yemen has formed a…

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Intelligence Reports to 29 Oct 14

Intelligence Reports to 29 Oct 14 Yemen The Houthis continue to make territorial gains against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), while securing formal political power and demanding influence within the military. Yemen’s military is backing the Houthis as they advance on AQAP territories, while the US continues to carry out drone strikes against AQAP militants.…

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ISIS an initial overview

ISIS an Initial Overview by Vasco Da Cruz Amador – CEO Global Risk Awareness The Islamic State´s founding goes back to 2006. It was founded by, for the most part, Al Qaeda in Iraq. Al Qaeda in Iraq started early in 2004 when a group headed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi joined Al-Qaeda Central and renamed his…

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