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The impact of the recent election in Turkey

turkey politics

The recent election in Turkey gave victory to the AKP party (Justice and Development Party), of the Turkish President, Recep Erdogan. They have been in power since 2002. The AKP received 41% of votes, more than any other party and ahead of the centre-left Republican People’s Party (CHP) with 25%, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) at…

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Regional Intelligence Reports to 12 November 2014

Middle East Regional Report Jun 23 – Jul 02 2016

Regional Intelligence Reports to 12 November 2014 Fuller versions of these reports and more are available from 5 Dimensions Consultants Yemen Former President Saleh secures the ouster of Hadi as the leader of the GPC party. Although Hadi remains president of Yemen, Saleh and the Houthis may well push him out. Yemen has formed a…

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