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U.S. regulator approves order for Central American security agency


On 2nd October 2018, shortly after a reported drone assassination attempt on the life of the Venezuelan President, DroneShield announced an order for its DroneSentry drone mitigation system and DroneGun Tactical jammer products for use by a Central American government security agency. The announcement stated that the Company’s ability to fulfil the order was subject…

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Counter drone Anti-UAV system unveiled by British trio

Counter drone Anti-UAV system unveiled by British trio – Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics and Enterprise Control Systems. Blighter Surveillance Systems (electronic-scanning radar target detection), Chess Dynamics (electro-optic tracking and classification) and Enterprise Control Systems (radio frequency disruption) join forces to combat growing threat of micro, mini and larger unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones.…

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US drone strike kills its own

US drone strike kills its own A report received by from Global Risk Awareness, a leading global Cyber Intelligence company states: “Today, 23 April, the United States President Obama declassified intelligence relating to a US drone strike in Jan 2015 that left two foreign nationals dead – including a US citizen. The public announcement…

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Regional brief – 18th March 15

Regional brief – 18th March 15 Tunisia: Unidentified gunmen open fire at museum in Tunis At least seven foreign nationals and one Tunisian were killed when unidentified gunmen opened fatal fire inside of the Bardo museum, located next to the Parliament building in central Tunis. At time of writing, sources indicated that the gunmen had…

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ISIS drone capability?

ISIS drone capability? The opening 35 Sec of the latest ISIS video featuring the hostage John Cantlie in a TV documentary type video on the Islamic State has imagery from a high quality camera flying over what is reported as Kobane in a sophisticated drone. Just before the drone footage switches to John on the…

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