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How have DDOS weapons evolved in 2019?

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Throughout 2019, DDoS attacks have continued to grow in frequency, intensity, and sophistication. However, the delivery method of using infected botnets and vulnerable servers to perform crushing attacks on a massive scale has not changed during that time. Unlike traditional security methods, where attackers leverage obfuscation to prevent detection, the loud distributed nature of DDoS…

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A10 Networks Announces Enterprise Security Feature Enhancements

A10 Networks, a technology leader in application networking, has announced significant enterprise security feature enhancements to its A10 Thunder ADC portfolio, providing enterprise customers with the latest security technologies required to combat evolving security threats that can damage employee productivity, brand reputation, and bottom-line revenue. Combating security risks in an increasingly connected digital world challenges enterprise…

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A10 Networks adds DDoS protection to networking products

A10 Networks, a technology leader in application networking, today announced the addition of integrated DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection functionality to its popular and widely deployed Thunder CGN (Carrier Grade Networking) products which provide IPv4 address extension and IPv6 migration capabilities. The addition of integrated DDoS protection functionality to the Thunder CGN product line…

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A10 Networks introduces Thunder SPE family

A10 Networks, a technology leader in application networking, has announced the Thunder SPE appliance family, a new line of high-speed, high-capacity application networking appliances. The new appliances leverage specialised hardware to perform security and policy enforcement at ultra high speeds. In addition, they deliver up to a 40 per cent processing performance boost relative to…

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Mobile Networks in the Middle East: Easy Target for DDoS Attacks?


Mahmoud Samy, Regional Director, Middle East, Russia and CIS at Arbor Networks shares his expert opinion. Mobile networks in the Middle East have evolved by leaps and bounds in the past handful of years, particularly as mobile users continue to gobble up as much mobile network capacity as possible. Mobile data usage is absolutely ubiquitous…

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