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Take your security to the next level with AcuSense


A feeling of security is a universal human need. And beyond physical, bodily security, people need to know that their environment, investments, and belongings are safe as well. Security systems are installed in homes and businesses every day to create that sense of security. Compared to conventional sensor-based alarm systems, a surveillance system that utilizes…

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Johnson Controls introduces next generation Tyco Illustra Pro Gen4 PTZ cameras


Johnson Controls has introduced its next generation of high performance Tyco Illustra Pro PTZ cameras, featuring AI enabled edge analytics which detects and classifies objects such as people, bicycles, buses, cars and motorbikes, and Intelligent Guard auto-tracking functionality based on face or people detection. The four new Illustra Pro Gen4 series PTZs are true day/night…

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Discover Hikvision ’s latest ColorVu technology


Traditional video cameras provide black and white images, which can be grainy and unclear in low-light environments. To help boost security 24×7, Hikvision has created its ColorVu technology, which gives organizations high-resolution, full-color images, even in near-total darkness. Security breaches are not governed by the seasons, by the weather, and certainly not by the time…

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Surveon guards the community with comprehensive residential security solutions

Surveon's comprehensive residential security solutions include high-res cameras, RAID NVR and VMS

Surveon guards the community with comprehensive residential security solutions More and more people are choosing to live in residential communities nowadays so as to enjoy higher living quality while taking advantage of cost-sharing, according to Surveon. As a result, comprehensive residential security solutions in such community are critical for the residents. Surveon provides professional surveillance…

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29 Mayis University: Video Surveillance Project

29 May University: Video Surveillance Project

29 Mayis University: Video Surveillance Project Samsung WiseNetIII cameras have been installed as part of an IP network video surveillance solution at 29 Mayis University, Istanbul, in order to create a safe and secure environment at the University’s Guest House which provides residential accommodation for 3,500 female students. Founded in 2010 by the Turkish Religious…

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