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Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection gives approval for NOFIRNO system

BEELE Engineering’s NOFIRNO sealing system has been approved by the Switzerland’s FOCP for use in Swiss buildings designed for the purpose of protecting its citizens.

During the Second World War, protecting the civilian population was given a great deal of attention. This attention intensified during the Cold War with the construction of facilities designed to protect the population in the event of nuclear attacks.

Although the nuclear threat has since receded into the background, countries are still constructing buildings that are designed to protect their population should disaster strike. In countries like Switzerland, providing protection against avalanches is also something that needs to be considered.

Before they are allowed to be used in such environments, products and systems have to meet stringent requirements. In Switzerland, the agency that oversees such matters is the Federal Office for Civil Protection.

In order to qualify for approval, the NOFIRNO system was subjected to severe pressure impulse loads. After being subjected to three impulse loads of three bar each on one side, no damage to the transit could be found. The tests were carried out on a transit through a 150 mm thick wall.

In accordance with the results of these tests, the NOFIRNO system meets the requirements for the basic protection category as well as the requirements for shock safety and resistance to pressure impulses up to three bar.

Subsequent to these load tests, material testing was also carried out on the NOFIRNO sleeves and sealant. It was established that a long service life and resistance to thermal loading are guaranteed. The NOFIRNO sleeve parts, filler sleeves and sealant therefore meet all aspects of the requirements for use in Swiss buildings designed for the purpose of protecting the civilian population.

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