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Survey shows Middle East will scale investments for improved ROI from CCTV Surveillance

Research commissioned by Juniper suggests that the key drivers for increasing investments in both CCTV and supporting network infrastructure are ongoing concerns for stakeholders around enforceable safety measures and demonstrable compliance.

Market research by Juniper suggests that the Middle East spent an average of US$3.6 million on CCTV surveillance systems and related infrastructure in their last financial year, while 39 percent of surveyed organisations reported an average of 100 or more deployed CCTV cameras. The research also highlights an increased focus on underlying network infrastructure to enhance CCTV performance capabilities. According to the results, surveyed organisations spent an average of US$2.6 million on network infrastructure and US$675,000 on network security in their last financial year,.

However, despite significant investments in network architecture, 73 percent of organisations surveyed reported that current network performance fails to deliver key business requirements for effective CCTV. Seventy-five percent also reported the same concerns around current network security capabilities:

· Forty-four percent of organisations surveyed said that their current network infrastructure cannot cope with collecting, storing and accessing CCTV footage.
· Fifty-three percent of organisations surveyed stated that their current network is unable to support in-app analytics and real-time access to footage.
· Thirty-nine percent of organisations surveyed said that their current network does not support automated backup and recovery of the data collected by the CCTV system in place.
· Forty-three percent of organisations surveyed also cited challenges related to network latency and resulting impaired quality of videos and images.

The MENA region is progressing towards an era of Digital Cohesion, where predictive and automated network-based mega-services adapt to user behaviour, enabling better decision-making and enriching personal and business lives. Furthermore, the research indicates a growing focus on designing and deploying performance-driven CCTV surveillance systems and infrastructure in the year ahead. Governments in the region are leading the charge on CCTV surveillance deployments to drive smart city safety initiatives and to improve traffic management and urban planning.

Marcus Jewell, senior vice president and general manager EMEA for Juniper Networks, said: “While CCTV surveillance systems continue to be vitally important for organisations, they can only be as effective as the network that supports them. Not all networks are equal and organisations need to consider the nuances of their existing environment and business needs before investing in network architecture. Juniper believes that Self-Driving Networks are integral to helping organisations create the right foundation to enhance the performance and efficiency of mission-critical systems and associated applications, such as CCTV surveillance. Autonomous networks that are designed to not only enable economies of scale, but also adapt dynamically, will allow organisations to deploy infrastructure that is agile and ready to scale for the future.”

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