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Surveon's comprehensive residential security solutions include high-res cameras, RAID NVR and VMS

Surveon guards the community with comprehensive residential security solutions

Surveon guards the community with comprehensive residential security solutions

More and more people are choosing to live in residential communities nowadays so as to enjoy higher living quality while taking advantage of cost-sharing, according to Surveon. As a result, comprehensive residential security solutions in such community are critical for the residents.

Surveon provides professional surveillance solution for residential applications, including high-resolution cameras, enterprise hardware RAID NVR as well as enterprise VMS with active VI detection, which has a pre-configured base for a number of scenarios, ensuring rapid and accurate action to protect family and assets from potential threats.

Public areas such as outdoor parking lots and lobbies are strictly required to stay alert to every suspicious person and potential threats like burglary, arson and resident disputes to ensure the residents live in a truly safe environment. To overcome complex outdoor lighting conditions and environments, Surveon provides cameras that have advanced functions in low light performance and are equipped with 3-axis, allowing users to adjust the shooting angle according to different installation places. Among Surveon camera selection, 2MP bullet cameras CAM3351R4 and CAM3371EM with Sony Exmor sensor plus 2MP outdoor dome camera CAM4361LV with 3-axis support could be the options in this application.

For security staff in such a residential community, it would more efficient if the monitoring system was consistent with the access system of gateway or entrance. Being fully compatible with major 3rd party access control systems, Surveon offers a smooth integration solution for SI to meet the requirements for residents’ easy access while security is still under restrict control. Moreover, to resolve the common issue for limited security guards in residential buildings, the company’s enterprise VMS supports multiple access from web, remote, and mobile clients, allowing security guards to manage surveillance anywhere to prevent incidents in time. In addition, Surveon Control Center (SCC), the video central management tool, can collect data to receive events such as fire alarm with high I/O, keeping the situation under control and warning the security guards in short time.

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