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Surveon have released an updated version of SurveOne Phase 1.2

Surveon have released an updated version of SurveOne Phase 1.2

Surveon have released an updated version of SurveOne Phase 1.2

Surveon, the enterprise NVR solutions provider, is pleased to introduce the updated version for SurveOne, an exclusive web-based management tool which provides partners an easy way to manage the surveillance system in real time.

For any system integrator needing to check the system status but is far from the project side in the mean time, SurveOne provides an instant access to check the overall system as long as the Internet connection is working. As a result, the system status will be easily monitored anytime while time and money can also be under control.

The web-based SurveOne allows users to check the overall system status in a browser using HTTP. As long as there is network connectivity, users can easily monitor the system status locally or remotely and ensure the consistency stability. To quickly grasp the system at a glance, SurveOne provides users graphical information, including NVR status, network connectivity, storage capacity, and camera status so the status can be figured out more efficiently. Moreover, with 3 groups of event logs: critical error, error, and warning, users can easily identify the priority of the events and take action accordingly. Designed for easy configuration, deployment and maintenance, SurveOne allows users to do one-time setup for NVR or camera configurations that can be saved as backup to help simplify the set-up process in the future.

Aside from real-time monitoring on system status, in SurveOne Phase 1.2, users can download the firmware to USB, select one upgrade type, and then batch upgrade Surveon’s cameras through USB or revise the setting / IP of cameras, further increasing the efficiency in terms of configuration and maintenance. It gives users a great convenience to keep track of the system status and fix the errors before receiving customers’ notice. The SurveOne Phase 1.2 is released respectively on all Surveon SMR and NVR Series. It is an ideal solution for partners to apply on every vertical market to save time and repair cost. For more details, please visit SurveOne introduction or

About Surveon Technology Inc.

Surveon Technology offers end-to-end network video surveillance solutions that showcase our expertise in professional camera design, RAID NVR, high-availability video storage, embedded firmware and video management software. All Surveon products are designed in-house and manufactured on our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production site to ensure the highest quality for our partners.

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