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Suprema named to the World's Top 50 Security Company in A&S Security 50

Suprema named to the World’s Top 50 Security Company in A&S Security 50

Suprema named to the World’s Top 50 Security Company in A&S Security 50

Suprema Inc., a global leader in biometrics and security, announced that the company is named to the World’s top 50 security company in 2015 Security 50 Ranking by A&S.

Suprema jumped up 8 places to be ranked 34th compared to last year’s 42nd. Among the Security 50 Rankings, Suprema is the only dedicated biometrics company and 2015 marks the 5th consecutive years that the company has been ranked in A&S 50. Among the ‘Access Control Product Group’, Suprema showed largest year-on-year revenue growth of 28% and the company is now the World’s 5th fast-growing security company after Hikvision, Avigilon, Dahua and Everspring.

The World’s Top 50 Security Company is an annual recognition of participants ranging from exclusive manufacturers to end-to-end solution providers by A&S magazine. The product and technology range from access control, biometrics, video surveillance and intrusion detection and other security related fields. Security 50 ranking is ranking of global public-listed manufactures based on sales revenue, gross profit, and profit margin.

Suprema has reported $58.3 million US revenue in 2014 fiscal year that results to 28% revenue growth from the previous year. The company has reported consistent double digit growth throughout past decade and reported the largest revenue growth in 2014 in the period of last 5 years. Along with new innovative IP biometrics terminals, and BioStar 2, web-based security platform, it is expected that Suprema will continue its strong growth in 2015.

“Global market demand for security equipment is reaching new heights as the world is unsettled from numerous terrorist attacks, and we strive for more security and safety. Suprema’s innovations and technology will play a big role in achieving such goal, and the phenomenal growth of our revenue is the proof that we are moving in the right direction,” said James Lee, CEO of Suprema.

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