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STREIT Group Provides Armoured Protection During Presidential Visit

Visitors to DVD 2014 will have the unique opportunity to view a Typhoon 6 x 6 armoured vehicle, a version of which was recently deployed during a US Presidential visit to Malaysia.

The Malaysian special police force selected two of these MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles, built by STREIT Group, to provide a strong, visible presence on the street during the President’s tour.

The importance of this trip and his four previous Asia—Pacific visits was emphasised by a White House statement, which said it underscored a continued focus on this area and a commitment to the President’s vision of ‘rebalancing the world’s largest emerging region’.

Developed and built to withstand attacks including ballistic arms fire, mines and lEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), the Typhoon’s features include a V—shaped hull designed to deflect blasts outwards and away from the crew and passengers. Its custom—designed body is made from 12 mm ballistic steel.

Typhoon comes in a variety of configurations, depending on the intended use and can be fitted with weapon systems for further defence Capability.

STREIT Chief Executive Guerman Goutorov says: “The selection of our products for protection of such a high-profile dignitary in such an important event is very welcome, and we see it as a major endorsement of the quality we offer.”

He adds: “We are delighted to have helped to keep US officials safe, and we work tirelessly to protect every single person whose life depends on our vehicles. We invest constantly in developing new solutions and we maximise our production efficiency to ensure that this protection is affordable to all who needs it.”

STREIT Group is the world’s leading privately owned armored vehicle manufacturer. It manufactures 70% of vehicles in the Middle East and Asia as well as the US and Canada. For further information on STREIT background, products and services visit

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