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Spectra voice and data communications secure against hostilities

Spectra voice and data communications secure against hostilities

Spectra voice and data communications secure against hostilities

It is often stated that a key element of security is reliable and robust communications, especially in a world where the international terror threat continues to rear its ugly head.

Take the Middle East, for instance. It has long been considered one of the world’s most unsettled regions. The danger that exists there means security personnel need to be fully prepared for the many threats they could encounter in the area of communications.

Spectra voice and data communications secure against hostilitiesThe provision of reliable and resilient voice and data communications is crucially important at a tactical level more now than ever. With a number of its personnel possessing a military background, Spectra Group (UK), which was founded in 2002, has first hand knowledge of the true value in having these services functioning efficiently – and, adversely, the potentially disastrous effects if they don’t.

As concerns grow about the increased threat of global terrorism, Spectra is experiencing a surge in enquiries about its expertise in the design and delivery of voice and data services to security, defence, aid and emergency and commercial organisations in areas that have little or no communications infrastructure – predominantly in remote environments or areas that have been destroyed by natural disaster or conflict.

The company’s ground-breaking SlingShot® system, which is a straightforward and cost effective way to achieve tactical, secure, beyond line of sight command and control communications on the move, using UHF and VHF radios, currently uses the Inmarsat L-TAC™ service and this, in combination with its SHADE™ product (Spectra Hostile Area Deployment Environment), has resulted in record airtime revenues. This was reflected in recently being recognised as a 2015 Top Ten Global Government Partner by Inmarsat, the leading commercial global satellite network company.

SHADE™ is a rapidly deployable communications hub delivering secure voice and data services across any available bearer and is ideal for small and medium-sized teams needing 24/7 availability, plug and play set-up and remote management. It offers secure and straight-forward connectivity to the world wide web, ISDN, PSTN, or dedicated private networks. A range of SHADE™ nodes gives the system flexibility and scalability and no matter how hostile the environment if there is access to a bearer of some kind, be it leased line, ADSL, 3G or 4G, SHADE™ can utilise any of them to create a secure global network of voice and data services in minutes. With no available terrestrial bearer, VSAT or BGAN can be utilised, depending on bandwidth requirements and how fast and often you need to move.

Spectra voice and data communications secure against hostilities

With omni-directional antenna and Manpack, Vehicle, Maritime and Aviation capability, SlingShot® allows users to be always in contact. Unlike other solutions, SlingShot® delivers robust communications on the move, pause and halt.

Simon Davies, Chief Executive Officer of Herefordshire-based Spectra Group (UK), said:

“Security is always the first thing we think of, by making sure the data people send is secure, and we do that with closed networks ensuring the service is reliable.

“We live in an unstable world and the way customers have to operate is an agile way moving from location to location. As the equipment we provide is small, lightweight and removable, it lends itself to those types of operation.”

For reasons of client confidentiality, Spectra cannot comment publicly about specific instances of the deployment of its products in war zones and hostile environments. However, it can disclose that it worked successfully with Oxfam in the 2010 Haiti Earthquake disaster, providing voice and data communications when all terrestrial networks were down.

Mr Davies added: “The key driver for why people use us is our agility. We are able to act and respond in a timely fashion. That’s what differentiates us from so many of the main players in our industry.”

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