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Sophos Email Appliance adds next-generation Sandboxing Technology

Sophos Email Appliance adds next-generation Sandboxing Technology

Sophos Email Appliance adds next-generation Sandboxing Technology

Sophos (LSE: SOPH), a global leader in network and endpoint security, announced that its Sophos Email Appliance now includes Sophos Sandstorm, an advanced, next-generation sandboxing technology that quickly and accurately detects, blocks and responds to sophisticated, constantly-changing cyber threats.

Sophos Sandstorm is an advanced persistent threat (APT) and zero day malware security technology.  To combat elusive threats that targetemail accounts on multiple platforms and mobile devices,companies need signatureless protection in addition to traditional malware protection.Threats are now engineered to be “low and slow” to stay under the radar,using polymorphic and stealth techniques to avoid and delay detection. Today’s cybercriminals arealso proactively taking steps to target, research and crackan organization’sspecific security measures by sending bespoke malware attached to seemingly-benign email messages. Sophos Sandstorm uses powerful cloud-based technologyto isolate and address these types of threats before they enter a business network. Information technology managers are provided with detailed reports of threat behavior and analysisfor further investigation and action, if required.

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Bryan Barney, senior vice president and general manager, Sophos Network Security Group said:

“Sophos Sandstorm combines prevention, detection and investigation in one solution to protect against cybercriminals who now use social-engineering tactics with new, not-previously-known malware to invade company networks. Keeping threats away from the network is a critical first line of defense. Sophos Sandstorm automatically isolates files to determine if they’re safe, providing an instant additional layer of detection and protection. Advanced technologies are often too expensive and require additional security expertise to implement and monitor them. Sophos is changing this by providing all businesses access to advanced protection that’s affordable and simple to deploy.”

Sophos Sandstorm determines potential threat behavior across multiple operating systems, including: Windows, Mac and Android; physical and virtual hosts; networks; web mail; Word and PDF documents; more than 20 file types; mobile applications and more. Sophos Sandstorm is available as a subscription option in Sophos Email Appliance 4.0.

Sophos Sandstorm is also available as an option for the Sophos Web Appliance, an advanced web protection solution that scans web content and blocks the latest web threats. Customers will also have the option of adding Sophos Sandstorm to Sophos UTM 9.4, a comprehensive firewall solution, which is currently in beta.

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