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SMARTair™ - fast, affordable user-friendly access control

SMARTair™ – fast, affordable user-friendly access control

SMARTair™ – fast, affordable user-friendly access control

There’s no need to wait for your next major refurbishment to install an access control system. With new SMARTair™ wireless, battery-powered cylinders, businesses can upgrade to access control—quickly, securely and affordably. New SMARTair™ cylinders work together with SMARTair™ escutcheons and wall readers in a single system operated with standard RFID smartcards.

For businesses locking to install an access control system without the need to drill doors, SMARTair™ offers the perfect solution. Ideal for offices or meeting-room doors, or other doors with medium traffic, the cylinders are quick and easy to install. They are easily retrofitted: installers simple replace a door’s mechanical cylinder, with no drilling, no wires and no cables. A modern ergonomic design ensures minimal disruption to existing aesthetics.

SMARTair™ locking cylinders are powered by standard batteries, which typically need replacing once every 2 years, or 60,000 cycles. The range is flexible, with cylinders for multiple door types, including Euro, Scandinavian, Australian and ANSI profiles. SMARTair™ cylinders can be fitted to wooden, glass or narrow doors, as well as exterior doors.

IP56-rated SMARTair™ cylinders can be installed alongside SMARTair™ escutcheons and wall readers as part of a single, secure, standalone access control system. SMARTair™ is perfect for small or medium-sized premises.

Facilities managers can easily administer the cylinders’ access rights via “update on card”; offline using a programming device; or online or via a communication hub linked to the system. If someone loses a smartcard, there’s no need to waste time and money changing locks. Simply de-authorise it and issue a replacement using the management software.

TESA is the leading Spanish manufacturer and supplier of locking solutions and access control technology for the residential and institutional markets. TESA has a wide and complete range of products including panic exit devices, cylinders, security locks, knobs and handles, door closers, access control solutions with electronic cylinders, electromechanical and electromagnetic solutions, and armoured doors. TESA exports to markets such as Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the North African countries.

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