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Sicuro Group LLC awarded by Motorola for new Vertical Development

Sicuro Group LLC awarded by Motorola for new Vertical Development

Sicuro Group LLC awarded by Motorola for new Vertical Development

Sicuro Group LLC, a leading provider of tracking, communications and risk management solutions, announced that it had won a Motorola Solutions award for ‘New Vertical Development in the Security Sector’. The award was presented at Motorola’s Middle East channel partner conference 2016.

Scott Wilcox, CEO of Sicuro said:

“Everyone at Sicuro is honoured and delighted to receive the award. Sicuro’s entire team, including engineers, technicians and managers has worked together to develop high levels of radio expertise. I am very pleased with the team, everyone has done really well. Sicuro and Motorola have cooperated to develop Sicuro’s capabilities. We have built a strong in-house engineering team of Motorola certified, deployable engineers. We look forward to continuing to support oil, gas, and government projects and to assisting new clients in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout Africa.”

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Sicuro has been a channel partner of Motorola since 2014 and employs more Motorola technical associates than any other Motorola partner in the region. Sicuro serves its clients in the design, procurement, delivery, installation and after sales support of Motorola Solutions across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The tracking and communications specialist has been supporting satellite and cellular tracking and communications projects in the region since 2005. Sicuro’s strength lies in its electronic engineering team and its capacity to work closely with clients in remote and challenging environments. All of Sicuro’s engineers are board certified electronics engineers and, since the Motorola partnership, have become approved Motorola technical associates or professionals.

Sicuro’s key radio projects over the last year have included the provision of Motorola systems to major oil and gas firms and private security companies. For example, Sicuro designed, delivered and installed vehicle, handheld and base radio solutions for a private security company in Erbil during 2015. An engineering team was deployed from Sicuro’s 24/7 operations centre in Dubai to install the systems and train local staff. The radio systems are complimented by Sicuro’s IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring System) which features GSM and satellite tracking. Sicuro’s IVMS enables improved management and control and enhanced fleet management, fuel efficiency and driver safety.

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