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Security Media Publishing Reviews Lead Forensics

At Security Media Publishing, our top priority is delivering high-quality news and product information to the entire security industry. Covering everything from news and products to regulations and best practices, is a portal that drives a high level of traffic on a daily basis.

With this in mind, we wanted a high-quality lead generation tool that could help us understand which businesses were visiting the security portal. In particular, we wanted information that went beyond Google Analytics to identify new media and marketing relationship prospects – that’s where Lead Forensics came in.

Who is Lead Forensics?

Lead Forensics is one of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK offering the UK’s No. 1 website intelligence and lead generation tool.

What makes Lead Forensics No. 1 in the UK is its quality of data and data match rates. By partnering with a number of leading global data sources, it continually invests in validating and optimising quality data. As a partner and client, it continually invests in on-going client training programmes and partnership opportunities. Lead Forensics’ client success managers are dedicated to ensuring positive return on investment (ROI) for all clients, in some cases generating over 900% ROI.

What does the tool do?

The lead generation tool reveals who is visiting your website, generating the necessary intelligence to enable you to convert them into leads or in our case, media and marketing partners.

Website visitor intelligence is delivered through an easy-to-use online portal, where commercial teams can access all your website visitor data including:

  • Lead Forensics, Lead GenerationCompany name
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Company description
  • Turnover
  • Industry/SIC code

As well as all of this data, the Lead Forensics tool also tells you what pages visitors have visited on your site and for how long. This means that commercial teams will know which product or service prospects are likely to say yes to – before they pick up the phone – meaning they can spend more time on optimal lead generation opportunities rather than cold-call data.

Not only is Lead Forensics a powerful lead generation tool, it also gives marketers extensive insight into your website product and service catalogue – allowing you to increase online conversion and website ROI.

How is Lead Forensics working for us?

Lead Forensics is an extremely useful tool that we use daily.  It allows us to analyse the visitors to our site as they come onto it and see what interests them.  Lead Forensics shows the name of the company who visited – as well as all of their contact details so it is easy, if an opportunity arises, to contact them.

In addition, Lead Forensics provides an independent source of information we can share with our customers, proving we reach our target audience, proving the popularity of stories and pages on our site and helping us to confirm our position to the market.

The use of the Lead Forensics tool has vastly improved our understanding of the traffic across our site and the behaviour of our visitors.  This has enabled our editorial team to track the popularity of their stories to keep up with what readers are most interested in and the commercial team to quickly prove position to current and new clients. It is rapidly becoming a tool that we can’t do without.

For more details on how Lead Forensics can uncover new business opportunities watch its short ‘What we do’ video below:

Sign up for your free demo and trial today by calling +44 (0)207 206 7293 and quoting ‘SecurityNewsDesk’ or fill out this quick form.

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