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SAS® Uses Abu Dhabi Summit to Highlight Role of Big Data in National Security

SAS Public Security will play a leading role at this year’s Homeland Security Summit Middle East (19-21 May 2014, Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates). Gordon Harrison, Principal Industry Consultant, SAS will deliver a keynote address on “Big Data for Public Security” at 11.40am on Monday 19th May as part of the main conference programme.

As Harrison explains: “With ever-increasing volumes of data available and ever decreasing numbers of resources available to analyse it, the key challenge agencies face is how do they know where to look and what to look for and what crucial pieces of information are being missed, hidden away in available data?

“Big data analytics will ultimately be the answer to the data overload of the modern world of intelligence,” Harrison continues. “This is especially true today, with national security agencies increasingly having to deal with unstructured data and with a world characterised by smaller and less organised plots, often involving lone actors with few connections or small cells operating in isolation.

“Often they simply don’t know what question to ask, because they don’t know who or what to look for and that’s where big data analytics really comes into its own.”

The annual Homeland Security Summit Middle East is the region’s premiere event for ascertaining information about the latest trends in homeland security and the most advanced technologies for integrating capability across multiple agencies and directorates. SAS is an associate sponsor of the event.

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