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Sisli Municipality

Samsung Techwin Surveillance Solution for Sisli Municipality

Samsung Techwin has been entrusted to provide an end-to-end IP network based video surveillance system to help create a secure and safe environment for all who work in, or visit, the Sisli Municipality’s new administrative offices.

Images captured by 170 Samsung Techwin cameras installed within the offices and surrounding areas are monitored in a central control room where they can be viewed live on Samsung Techwin monitors, whilst being recorded onto network video recorders.

Sisli is one of the major 32 districts of Istanbul on the European side of the city. Covering an area of approximately 30 square kilometres, it is located at the exit of the Bosphorus Bridge that links Asia to Europe. It is one of the busiest areas of Istanbul with a thriving business community and is popular for its fashion stores.

Moving to a new international award winning building provided Sisli Municipality with the opportunity to introduce smart building technologies to provide an efficient and environmentally friendly workplace for the district’s administrators. The Municipality’s leaders wished to see a video surveillance system installed that could similarly be regarded as ‘smart’.

The contract to install the IP network video surveillance system was awarded to Istanbul based CCTV specialists, Melis Elektronik, who successfully completed the entire project within three weeks.

Melis Elektronik worked closely with Samsung Techwin’s distribution partner in Turkey, NFS Teknoloji, to design a system that could assist security personnel to monitor any suspicious activity and quickly decide on an appropriate response.

“Having carried out a survey of the district and understood what the Sisli Municipality wanted to achieve, we had no hesitation in recommending to Melis Elektronik that we should supply a single source solution from Samsung Techwin that, from a technology point of view, could easily meet the clients’ expectations,” said Mrs Handan Anar, Deputy General Manager for NFS Teknoloji. “Equally important, although Sisli Municipality wanted to take advantage of the very latest IP technology and did not want to compromise on image quality, there was not an unlimited budget for the project. Samsung Techwin’s competitively priced cameras, monitors and recorders were therefore an obvious cost-effective choice.”

samsung techwin sisli municipality
77 of the cameras installed are Samsung Techwin SND-6083P 2MP dome cameras with varifocal lens and 68 are SNV-6084R 2MP vandal resistant dome cameras.

“These cameras were chosen partly because of the superb quality images which they are capable of capturing, but also because they are future-proof in that they are equipped with Samsung Techwin’s open platform WiseNetIII DSP chipset,” said Mrs Anar. “The processing power of this chipset offers Sisli Municipality the opportunity to take advantage of the fact that the cameras can run multiple Applications if it wishes at anytime in the future such as video analytics, facial recognition, people counting and ANPR which can be downloaded to the cameras in a similar way to adding Apps to a Smartphone.”

17 of the other cameras installed are Samsung Techwin SNO-7080R 3 megapixel weatherproof network bullet cameras with built-in motorised varifocal lens and IR LEDs. The SNO-7080R is capable of capturing evidence grade Full HD 1080P resolution images at 30 images per second, both during daylight hours and in pitch-black darkness, making it suitable for a wide range of applications requiring effective 24-hour surveillance.

The images from all the cameras are recorded on 4 SRN-4000 network video recorders enabling authorised personnel to quickly retrieve recorded video evidence of any suspicious activity. The SRN-4000 is able to simultaneously record and multi-stream the transmission of images at a high bandwidth speed of 400Mbps. It also offers the potential to record and store, via 12 internal hard drives, video captured by 64 x 2 Megapixel cameras for up to 108 days. The internal hot-swappable hard drives support RAID5 and RAID6 recording, which provides protection against unrecoverable read errors as well as whole HDD failure.

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