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Safeguarding UAE ’s journey

Trend Micro’s Majd Sinan, Country Manager discusses safeguarding UAE  ’s journey

The UAE has come far enough to realize how challenging, yet equally rewarding, it has been to navigate through the life-altering digital transformation. The country has been paving the way to become a trendsetter in terms of innovation in the region. Furthermore, strengthening the digital infrastructure and cloud services place the country in a very advantageous position. Its strategic location has already been leveraged through its magnificent growth in its standard of living and overall economic advancement.

The country’s economy has transitioned extraordinarily into a proponent of data and information technology-driven initiatives. Its vision remains to accelerate and adapt to the new digital landscape, which other countries around the world will eventually have to adapt and build on to improve in the new normal. To benefit from innovations and a competitive edge, the continued adoption of cloud-based solutions is vital for the UAE organizations to thrive in a digital economy.

However, the accelerated digital transition also creates gaps in cyber security. During the pandemic, the haste in moving to the cloud, implementation of remote working and adopting new technologies has given birth to a new plethora of vulnerabilities. The Trend micro Cloud App Security Threat Report 2020 finds 35% increase of the global public use of cloud-native technology, and these open-to-attacks entry points will consequently grow alongside today’s cloud environment.

Email based attacks also became the favorite weapon for attackers. The Trend Micro Security Round-up 2020 report revealed that in the UAE, over 19 million (19,662,122) email threats were detected and blocked. The report also highlights the large leap in the number of malware, phishing, and credential phishing attacks in the same year. While remote work became the new norm, more online-based transactions naturally occurred. Global Internet usage shot up to an astonishing rate from 50% to 70%, as millions of people around the globe relied on emails and chat apps to communicate among their peers.

For businesses and industries to propel with the power of technology, its critical to secure their digital transformation journeys. And thus, protecting email, networks and cloud-based collaboration tools and environments is the appropriate course of action during the pandemic, and even more so after it. Cybercriminals will continue to monitor an organization’s transition at each phase, from opening emails to carrying entire workloads to the cloud, to configuring networks – so that they can find weak spots. They will consistently use unique techniques, which not only disrupt the workflow but makes detection and protection a more difficult task than expected.

The need of the hour is a holistic cyber security approach that provides complete visibility, intelligence, and defense across an organization’s digital estate. Incorporating a comprehensive multilayered security solutions like the XDR (Extended Detection and Response) that can offer seamless integration as well as secure all endpoints in the enterprise environment.

As organizations and industries reboot and re-imagine their way forward, investing in cybersecurity not only essential and beneficial to the country, but also a catalyst to pursue their future aspirations and a vision of a grander digital economy.


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