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RIVA Cameras Monitor One of the World Largest Shopping Malls

Padideh Shandiz Dream City is a 1.2 million square meters tourism and entertainment complex in the center of the city Shandiz, in the northeast of Iran. The centerpiece, of the partly still under construction complex, builds the approximately 560.000 square meter shopping center, with 1.600 shops, an ice rink, an aquarium, a 17.000 square meter hypermarket, a 8.500 square meter department store and a parking lot for more than 4.000 vehicles. Furthermore, the largest indoor amusement park in Asia, the most modern water park in Iran, a botanic garden, several apartments and office buildings as well as a 5 star hotel with more than 50 floors belong to the new dream city. Due to the enormous size, magnificent construction, modern architecture and versatile opportunities, the center offers a totally new shopping experience. This should not only attract the 3 million residents of the neighbor city Mashhad, but also the annual 27 million visitors of Imam Reza’s holy Shrine, which is not far away.

The RIVA IP cameras are used within the entire surface of the 17.000 square meter hypermarket, opened in spring 2014, at several entrances and exits, on parking lots and in technical control rooms of the huge mall. More than 400 RC3102HD dome cameras, approximately 250 RC1202HD box cameras, approximately 150 RC3502HD dome cameras, some RC6602HD IR bullet cameras and some RC5510 speed dome cameras help to increase safety in Padideh Shandiz Dream City. Furthermore, due to continuous supervision of technical areas, down times are decreased enormously. Moreover, data is collected to plan marketing activities and optimize customer service.

All HD cameras are equipped with a mechanical IR cut filter and are ideally suitable for day and night usage. The H.264 cameras with 1080p CMOS-sensors have a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. RIVA´s RC3502HD-5211 also includes an IP66 classified and IK-10 vandal proofed housing and is therefore optimal suitable for outdoor applications. The RC6602HD-5311 with motorized zoom/focus furthermore includes 34 IR LEDs. The IR range is about 25 meters. This camera can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, while the RC1202HD-5241 and RC3102HD-5211 are especially designed for indoor usage.

RIVAs RC5510 H.264 PTZ dome is a high-performance network camera with a 12x optical zoom and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. The camera is equipped with a mechanical IR cut filter and also includes an IP66 and IK-10 vandal proofed housing. Furthermore, the filter for automatically object tracking is included as a standard feature.

All RIVA cameras are equipped with the video analytics package VCA Presence as a standard feature at no extra cost. This package includes a tamper protection against moving, bagging and defocussing of the camera as well as the motion detection. Thus, an alarm is triggered if an object appears in a predefined detection zone. Up to 40 different zones per image can be set. RIVA´s RC6602HD additionally includes VCA Detect, which is characterized by the following features: Object classification, dwell time, direction and speed detection. Thus, objects (persons, vehicles, animals) are differentiated and their heights as well as their speeds are detected. The analytics recognizes in which direction an object moves or how long it dwells at a specific point.
The installation of the RIVA cameras was made by the company Narfoamkar, the largest registered integrator and provider of safety, fire protection and security solutions for commercial and industrial divisions with 21 years of experience. The video management software was provided by the German company Digivod.

Due to the large number of RIVA cameras a high level of safety inside the mall can be guaranteed. Furthermore, a large amount of data could be collected to optimize customer service as well as marketing activities and to minimize personal and labor costs.

After successful installation and implementation of the RIVA cameras, the intelligent video analytics from RIVA should be used soon as well. Therefore the RIVA cameras should be equipped with additional video analytics filters like VCA Count. With this filter customers can be counted without any problems in large groups. With an exact knowledge of the numbers of customers at special daytimes, marketing activities can be planned, product placements can be optimized and costs can be reduced even better. Another planned analytics package is VCA Access. It includes, among others, a filter for access control, which recognizes unauthorized entries. Thus, especially technical areas are protected.

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