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Resolution1 Security Announces New Global Partner Program

Resolution1 Security Announces New Global Partner Program, Resolution1 Connect™

Resolution1 Security, the leader in incident resolution solutions, today announced a global partner program called Resolution1 Connect. The new program will offer enhanced support to Resolution1 reseller, systems integrator (SI) and managed service provider (MSP) partners to increase revenue opportunities and fast track technical enablement to meet customers’ incident response (IR) needs with the market’s only incident resolution technology. The program’s goal is to collaborate more closely with partners, speed up sales cycles and advance IR technologies and environments.

Global enterprises find current threat detection and response solutions lacking in breadth, integration and capability. Disparate cybersecurity tools focus on siloed capabilities, involve manual, time-consuming processes and fail to provide meaningful context of any incident. They turn to security MSPs, resellers and software technology vendors for their expertise in strengthening their cybersecurity environments. Resolution1 Connect fills this critical gap by providing enhanced implementation and support, world-class training and the industry’s first incident resolution platform called the Resolution1 Platform.

“Resolution1 Connect answers the industry’s call for advanced IR expertise to rapidly resolve any cyberattack,” said Neil Batstone, VP Global Alliances and Channels at Resolution1 Security. “We are empowering our partners with integrated tools and IR programs so they can sell effectively and help their customers respond to security incidents immediately and continuously to avoid risk and major damage to their business now into the future.”

“The Resolution1 Platform advances cybersecurity best practices by empowering security-conscious organizations to confidently respond to, validate and resolve security incidents in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional, point-product approaches,” commented Christopher M. Morris, Managing Director and Founder of Turrem Data. “We have deployed Resolution1 CyberSecurity at several customers and found that it provides the visibility, context and automation required to identify security breaches as they are unfolding. Mean time to resolution (MTR2) typically drops as much 18 fold.”

Resellers, SIs and MSPs can achieve a significant competitive advantage through the program’s many benefits. These include access to a new cloud-based demo environment and the ability to provide prospects with the ThreatTap™ virtual appliance trial. The ThreatTap trial provides validation and severity of alerts using actual on-site customer data. Other channel program benefits include lead sharing, comprehensive on-boarding enablement both in person and by state-of-art online learning management system, deal registration incentives, compelling margins, technical resources and training.

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