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Reports for the period 5 – 11 June 2014

Reports for the period 5 – 11 lune 2014


Demonstrations take place in a number of villages outside Manama after a court

sentenced 21 people to 15 years in jail.  While the political front remains stagnant, security in Bahrain may worsen now that school and university exams are over as students tend to make up a sizeable portion of those involved protests.


Reviving the economy and improving security will be crucial challenges facing the soon to be formed Egyptian government.


High level Iranian, American and Russian officials are holding three consecutive meetings this week in order to prepare a final agreement on the long-standing dispute over Iran’s nuclear program.


Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki declares a state of emergency after ISIS and its tribal and Baathist allies seize Mosul and other key towns. [Because of the importance of this development, Five Dimensions will be producing a Special Report on the topic in the coming days, a synopsis will be published here)


Although the security situation in coastal Lebanon remains relatively stable, the kidnapping of around a dozen people near Ras Baalbeck (a town close to the Syrian border) by a suspected al-Qaeda group indicates that peripheral regions remains volatile.


In separate developments, six suspected Shiite opposition figures and seven Sunni extremists were arrested in different parts of the country. The arrests come after security forces increase security in the run up to Ramadan. More arrests are expected in the run up to — and during — Ramadan (Iune 28 — ]uly 28).  Disturbances are expected in Shiite areas of Eastern Province


The Yemeni Government and Houthi rebels have agreed to a ceasefire after 120 died in fighting in Amran. For now, peace has returned to Amran but it is unlikely to last. Given the seriousness of the situation in the north west, the government has prioritised fighting the Houthis much to the consternation of the US, which prefers prioritising the fight against AQAP

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