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Middle East Regional Report Jun 23 – Jul 02 2016

Regional Report on Syria and Iraq to 30 May 16

Regional Report on Syria and Iraq to 30 May 16

Global Intelligence Insight, working with SecurityAffairs and SecurityMediaPublishing will deliver a weekly report on issues in Syria and Iraq as well as extremist related global terrorism.

Data comes not just from open sources but also from material not readily available and is gathered by intelligence professionals using specialist tactics techniques and procedures in order to bring a summary of the ground truth to you and an assessment of what the professionals think is likely to happen next.

The final conclusion and assessment from the Regional Report on Syria and Iraq to 30 May 16, takes the assessment of what ISIS are likely to do outside the region and is below:

According to intelligence agencies in Germany and Italy, ISIS is planning to carry out terrorist attacks during the summer against crowded beaches in the south of France, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Morocco. To this end, ISIS is training Indian combatants in the area of Lake Qattinah, southwest of the city of Homs.

France warned about possible attacks by ISIS during the Euro 2016 Games scheduled for next month. Such attacks could be carried out by planting explosive devices where large crowds are gathered.

A video released by ISIS’s Homs Province shows Indian operatives fighting in Syria, in the area of Homs. The operatives in the video denounce the Indian government’s attitude towards Muslims and threaten to carry out attacks in India. The video describes ISIS’s version of the history of the Muslims in India. One of the Indian speakers calls on doctors, engineers and other professionals in India to migrate to the Islamic State and support it. Indian operatives are expected to carry out attacks on crowded beaches in Western Europe and Muslim countries.

Global Intelligence Insight assessment is that UK and France are on the top list for such terror attacks as some Dark Web forums commented in the past regarding a possible act before “Brexit” vote in order to decrease EU strength and capacity.

ISIS British widow Sally Jones, “Umm Hussain Britanya” threatened UK, mostly in Central London and emphasized for individuals to avoid tube and and crowded places during June and July 2016.

Global Intelligence Insight believe that ISIS is planning more attacks in accordance with Al Adnani speech asking for revenge this Ramadan period. He noted that even if they loose Raqqa and Sirte, they will stay totally tuned up with their guerrilla warfare methodology. They are expecting the new Dabiq magazine edition, #15 to be released in June/July 2016, and they usually do this after carrying out a spectacular terrorist attack.

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