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Pyronix External Detectors protect the perimeter

Pyronix External Detectors protect the perimeter

Pyronix External Detectors protect the perimeter

External Detectors with PCX RIX8 or PCX-RIX8+PSU on Enforcer 32-WE App and/or PCX46-APP

Ensure the outside of any home or business property is fully secure with our fantastic range of wired external detectors.

Pyronix External Detectors protect the perimeterProtect the perimeter with the XD15TT, a high security outdoor detector that offers protection of any perimeter up to 15m, such as along a wall or at the side of a house.

With a heavy duty ultra violet filter, weatherproof sealed optics and vegetation sway elimination filter, you will have a top quality detector with minimum risk of false-alarms.

The XD15TT also utilises Tri Signal Detection Logic, which means the detection of any human presence is based on advanced analysis of the activation sequence.

This involves the microwave movement sensor and two independent digital PIR sensors in the detector, all three of which have to activate simultaneously within a particular time window to generate an alarm.

It can be difficult to see the alarm LEDs of detectors from a distance but, as the XD15TT features a built-in walk test buzzer, you can perform an easy and quick walk test during the installation process as well as audible indication of a presence in the detection area (if required). An optional perimeter bracket to maximise protection is also available, with either one or two XD15TTs being able to fit to it to protect a house and wall perimeter.

Pyronix External Detectors protect the perimeter

External protection is further enhanced with our XD10TTAM detector, which combines our established and patented technologies, such as, Tri-Digital Detection, Signal Processing and Tri-Anti-Mask Technology. All this enhances the performance of the detector even in extreme outdoor conditions.

The XD10TTAM features 10m volumetric coverage with the total range of the detector being determined by a combination of the three detection technologies it utilises: two PIR sensors and one microwave detector.

For best performance in outdoor conditions the Tri Detection range is specified between 10m to 13m, depending on the lens fitted to the PIR detectors, while installation mode can set to provide animal immunity of up to either 10kg or 25kg.

Like the XD15TT, the XD10TTAM also features Tri Signal Detection Logic, Vegetation Sway Elimination, a Heavy Duty Ultra Violet Filter, a Built in Walk Test Buzzer and Weatherproof Sealed Optics.

The XD10TTAM also uses Pyronix’ patented anti-masking technology, which offers masking protection for both PIR and the microwave detectors. An anti-mask bubble is formed in front of the detector. If this is breached and any subsequent technology is masked by substances such as paper, sprays, cardboard boxes, etc., the XD will go into an anti-mask condition and activate a dedicated anti-mask relay.

Your users can enjoy the safety benefits of either of these detectors even on hybrid systems.

Pyronix External Detectors protect the perimeter

Add the XD15TT and XD10TTAM to the PCX 46-APP or Enforcer 32-WE App panels utilising the PCX RIX8 expander or PCX RIX8+PSU if heavily loading the system with sensors and detectors.

PCX-RIX8+ and PCX-RIX8+PSU allow you to add an additional eight inputs and four outputs to the system, meaning the outside is as well protected as the inside of any property.

The expanders modify the wireless system by turning it into a hybrid one, where you can hardwire sensors and detectors into the solution, while still enjoying all the benefits of two-way wireless peripherals as well (using a PCX-RIX-32WE with the PCX46-APP). Features such as one-push-to-learn and Signal Strength Indicators (SSI).

With the PCX 46-APP or Enforcer 32-WE APP panels, your users can also enjoy control of their security system from anywhere in the world on their smart device through the HomeControl+ App and PyronixCloud infrastructure.

Pyronix External Detectors protect the perimeter

The PyronixCloud infrastructure even allows diagnosis and remote programming of systems using Insite UDL software. Therefore, you can establish recurring revenue streams by offering PyronixCloud management services; managing this yourself or passing access to end users. As diagnostics and programming can be done remotely it will also cut down the number of call outs for engineers, which will save you time and money.

No matter what size or scope of installation, we are sure that our range of external detectors paired with our Enforcer or PCX panels and full range of peripherals will suit your project.

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