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AfricaVision Global


AfricaVision Global

AfricaVision Global is a specialist African technology consultancy and distributor that specialises in protective security equipment, intelligent surveillance, telecommunications systems and technologically advanced defence capabilities and weaponry for enterprise businesses, the military and governments around the world.

They deliver their innovative solutions through four business segments: advanced defence capabilities and weaponry, protective security equipment, intelligent video surveillance and telecommunications. They are deeply rooted in the experience of their business partners; AfricaVision Consolidated, AxxonSoft Southern Africa, Bagder Distribution and Management Electronic Systems, who are all renowned, award-winning leaders in their respective industries.

Their expertise lies in their deep and intricate understanding of security and military operations, their robust insight into advanced technologies and a team of highly skilled engineers who provide outstanding modern tactical response solutions.

A truly African leadership team, they have a proven track record of crafting and delivering premium bespoke solutions and merchandise for demanding and critical environments. They work with businesses to identify their needs and challenges and then source cutting-edge products from their partners and other leading suppliers in Africa identified through their ground-breaking technological research processes and methodologies.

Their aim is to regenerate African pride through honesty, openness, vibrancy and most importantly, by empowering and giving back to the people, their staff and you, their valued client.


Provide revolutionary and superior state-of-the-art technology which prepares and protects clients from complex business and security situations. Our mission is carried out by providing specialist skills and expertise, a commitment to our clients by remaining focused on their goals and objectives, and providing exceptional service and support.


To positively impact our client’s lives and transform society by delivering state-of-the-art, relevant, and quality innovations leveraging our extensive experience, science and technology.