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Power down: cheaper fuel bills with SMARTair™ from TESA

Power down: cheaper fuel bills with SMARTair™ from TESA

Power down: cheaper fuel bills with SMARTair™ from TESA

Power down for cheaper fuel bills, with the new energy saving device by SMARTair™ from TESA.

The SMARTair™ energy saving device puts facility managers in control of their electricity costs. Built for meeting rooms and guest rooms, this small, wall-mounted device automatically connects and disconnects a room’s power supply when a SMARTair™ smart card is inserted or removed.

The new energy saving device is easy to install and straightforward to integrate with an organisation’s existing smart cards.

“We designed our SMARTair™ energy saving device for meeting rooms, classrooms, guest rooms, seminar rooms… in fact, any room that sees regular, transient foot traffic,” says Mikel Gaztanaga, Product Manager at TESA.

“It allows users to control the power supply to everything in the room, from one unobtrusive little box. And it helps the building manager to control costs, by minimizing the energy waste of leaving lights switched on. It’s a real money saver.”

The device has a clean, modern look, designed to appear almost “invisible” in a modern office environment. It also has an inbuilt LED lamp, and is available with a pre-set courtesy power time, so users are not left in the dark—literally—when they remove their SMARTair™ card.

SMARTair™ is a powerful access control system that offers an intelligent, yet simple, step up from keys. SMARTair™ is the cost-effectiive alternative to a full high-security system. SMARTair™ contactless, smart card technology is easily incorporated into existing systems, with multiple management solutions. No bells, whistles, or wires, just sleek, reliable security. Thanks to the system’s smart technology and lack of wiring, the system fits easily on to every type of building. SMARTair™ will meet all kind of requirements and create a user friendly environment.

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