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Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin: new Wisenet Q Series PTZ Cameras

Hanwha Techwin has further strengthened its keenly priced Wisenet Q series with the introduction of 4 new PTZ cameras.

The new indoor and outdoor 2-mepapixel PTZs are equipped with a host of innovative, practical features including Focus Save function, which can be applied to 32 pre-defined areas and ensures that the cameras are able to rapidly come into focus when they are moved to a specific position.

Precise PTZ control is achievable with the assistance of ‘click & drag’ which enables operators to use a mouse to rapidly move the camera to a new position and ‘click to centre’ which focuses the cameras on a specific area of interest within a field of view. A scroll wheel zoom feature also allows operators to quickly zoom in to see close up activity of any suspicious activity or incident.

In addition, up to 12 customised direction indicators, such as ‘to the car park’ or ‘main exit’, can be superimposed over a field of view to help operators, who may not be familiar with the location they are monitoring, decide where to point the cameras.

The outdoor models have enhanced protection from rain and snow. This is because unlike conventional PTZ cameras which can require up to 5 separate cables, they only need a single RJ45 cable to operate. In addition to minimising the possibility of water damage, this also makes them quick and easy to install, as does a ‘match 3 points and twist’ installation feature.

Other key features include the following:

· The ability to ‘hand-over’ to cameras covering adjacent areas, means operators can continue to observe people or vehicles as they move out of the PTZ’s field of view.

· Digital Image Stabilisation (DIS) with built-in Gyro sensors which comes into effect when a camera is disturbed by wind or vibrations. This delivers more stable images, whilst also compensating for roller shutter effects.

· A Micro SD slot allows video or data to be stored at the edge should there be disruption to the network. Up to 256GB of video which might have been potentially lost, can be retrieved when the network connection is restored.

· Power over Ethernet (PoE+) which negates the need to install a power supply and separate cabling for the camera.

· When connected to the QNP-6250H and QNP-6320H, an optional Wisenet SPM-4210 Network I/O box provides the choice of 4 alarm inputs/outputs or 1 audio port and 2 alarm inputs/outputs.

The new cameras are as follows:

– QNP-6320: 32 x zoom indoor PTZ

– QNP-6250: 25 x zoom indoor PTZ

– QNP-6320H: 32 x zoom outdoor PTZ

– QNP-6250H: 32 x zoom outdoor PTZ

In addition to these just launched PTZs, Hanwha Techwin has announced that it also intends to introduce 2 further Wisenet Q series PTZs at a later time. Both of these will have built in IR LEDs which will illuminate objects located up to 100metres from the cameras.

About Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin is a subsidiary of Hanwha Corporation, one of the largest business conglomerates based in South Korea. Hanwha Techwin offers total security solutions which encompass network and analogue cameras, recording solutions, video management software and compression technology. Hanwha Techwin has consolidated its leadership position in security solutions by building self-developed SoC chipsets, along with the optical, manufacturing and image-processing technology accumulated over 30 years.

Hanwha Techwin is preparing for the future by continuing to invest in AI technology and cyber security in order to provide intelligent and secure solutions to customers. Under its Wisenet brand, Hanwha Techwin will strive to deliver security solutions which customers can trust.

For more information about Hanwha Techwin, please visit:

About Hanwha Group

Established in 1952, Hanwha Group is a business conglomerate based in South Korea. It is the country’s 3rd largest exporter and is a “FORTUNE Global 500” company.

Hanwha Group is at the forefront of various industries including aerospace and defence, petrochemicals, solar energy, finance, construction, and retail. The Group’s footprint includes 85 affiliates in South Korea and 380 global networks worldwide including America, Europe, China and the emerging markets in Southeast Asia and Middle East.


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