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New Aperio® integration with AXIS Network Door Controller

New Aperio® integration with AXIS Network Door Controller

New Aperio® integration with AXIS Network Door Controller

The AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller operates on a flexible platform, built to easily adapt as security needs at a site change. Now with seamless integration of Aperio® wireless cylinders, escutcheons, locks and server solutions, administrators can manage an entire AXIS access management system from a single, easy-to-use interface, controlling standard wired locks alongside Aperio® battery-powered locks from ASSA ABLOY.

Once installed, an Aperio® RS-485 Hub can coordinate up to 8 Aperio® locks within a typical range of 15 to 25 meters, communicating with the admin system via a powerful AXIS A1001 IP Network Controller. One AXIS A1001 Door Controller can manage one wired door and one Aperio® hub, managing up to a total of 9 doors per hub. AES 128-bit encryption ensures communication between lock and system is secure. Online Aperio® integration gives facility managers real-time status information about their premises.

Aperio® locks are wireless, so there’s no need for expensive or time-consuming cabling during installation. The AXIS A1001 uses Power over Ethernet (PoE), which eliminates the need for power cables to the controllers, too. If needs change at a facility—perhaps managers want to control access to more site doors—it’s quick, efficient and easy for an installer to fit Aperio® locks and integrate the doors with the AXIS Entry Manager control panel. Aperio® components are compatible with Euro, French, Finnish, Scandinavian and Swiss door profiles.

Chris Bone, Vice President Digital Access Solutions at ASSA ABLOY EMEA says:

“Aperio® locks are also extremely energy-efficient. The locks run on standard lithium-ion batteries, and only ‘wake up’ when prompted by a smart card or other user credential. They are not connected to the mains, and use no power when inactive.”

Aperio® locks enable facility managers to bring monitored access and detailed audit trails to more doors in a facility than would ever be desirable or affordable with standard wired access control.

Users experience no disruption to their routines. They open both wired doors and Aperio® wireless controlled doors with the same card, using standard RFID technology.¬ The newly integrated locks run the latest Aperio® V3 technology, ensuring remote unlocking commands pass from system to an Aperio® equipped door almost instantly.

Stephanie Hensler, Director Business Development at Axis Communications says:

“The joint solution fills a market need for smaller installations needing wireless devices. With the AXIS A1001, this allows for easy installation and management of wired and wireless doors within the same solution.”

With Aperio® wireless access technology, AXIS Entry Manager is a complete, scalable, fully integrated and future-proofed access control system.

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