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Mimecast and PhishMe collaborate to improve Cyber Resilience

Mimecast and PhishMe collaborate to improve Cyber Resilience

Mimecast and PhishMe collaborate to improve Cyber Resilience

Organizations Can Now Harness Powerful Security Controls with Impactful Education from the Cloud

Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME), a leading email and data security company, has collaborated with PhishMe® to integrate their expansive security educational content to help organizations improve employee awareness of common email-borne attacks.

The power of Mimecast and PhishMe together provides customers with enhanced cyber resilience against the latest spear-phishing, ransomware, and impersonation attacks that are plaguing organizations today.  Through this partnership, organizations can now harness powerful security controls with impactful education from the cloud.

Organizations struggle with being consistent with the security training offered to employees, if it is done at all. Recent research conducted with Vanson Bourne highlights the gap organizations need to fill relative to proper security training and email. This research also found that 39% of IT decision makers in global organizations had complete confidence they had sufficient email security training. In fact a mere 15% of respondents reported they conduct near regular security trainings – 25% reported to offer trainings every month, 32% every quarter and 13% every year. Only 36% of organizations increased employee security trainings following the high-profile cyberattacks of 2016.

PhishMe, a global provider of human phishing defense solutions, will supply their award-winning, contextual educational material within the Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection cloud security service. This service includes the inspection of inbound, outbound and internal emails to help detect and fight phishing, ransomware, impersonation attempts, as well as malicious URLs and attachments. When used together, Mimecast and PhishMe will arm organizations with anti-phishing cloud security services and immersive behavioral conditioning and phishing reporting for employees.

This collaboration follows the formation of the Cyber Resilience Coalition by the companies in 2016.

“Most organizations lack both sufficient technical security controls and end-user education when it comes to identifying and stopping the latest email-borne threats,” said Ed Jennings, chief operating officer at Mimecast. The consequence is financial loss, data compromise, business interruption and reputational damage. Email security training is patchy and inconsistent and customers have requested help to serve up regular and timely security awareness training to employees for email-borne security threats. This employee awareness training is part of a cyber resilience strategy for email that spans security, business continuity, archiving and end-user empowerment.”

“Conditioning employees to recognize phishing email is critical to reaching the end goal of identifying and reporting attacks to security teams to minimize business impact,” said Allan Carey, VP of Business Development, PhishMe. “Recent events have highlighted the need to keep employees continuously engaged and vigilant against suspicious emails as attacker techniques change rapidly. The collaboration between Mimecast and PhishMe provides another opportunity for organizations to augment their employee resiliency strategy on email-borne threats.”

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