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Milestone supports ultra low light camera in new device pack

UAE – Milestone Systems, a leader in open platform networked VMS, has released Device Pack 9.5 for partners and customers using Milestone XProtect video solutions.

The bi-monthly device packs contain software updates for XProtect VMS to support new hardware. In 2017, Milestone added support for more than 1,100 new devices.

These updates are always a priority at Milestone. Supporting the widest possible range of devices is a crucial part of the company’s open platform promise to the Milestone community.

Make the world see – by starlight

Partners in the Milestone community now have the advantage of support for the Canon ME20F network camera. This camera can produce full HD video, needing no more illumination than the stars on a moonless night. The sensor’s sensitivity is 4,000,000 ISO: It is 4,000 times more sensitive than a smartphone camera.

NE20F has the same size sensors as processional digital cinema cameras and can use the whole series of Canon professional camera optics, from super fish eye optics to long ranging zooms.

This makes it eligible for use in solutions where additional lighting cannot be used, for instance when monitoring endangered species in nature parks.

Certification of ONVIF profile G support – Easing the use of edge storage

ONVIF Profile G was created to further refine the interoperability between live video and video storage. It covers cameras, encoders and network video recorder (NVR) devices, as well as client systems such as video management systems, building management systems and physical security information management (PSIM) systems.

Profile G also includes support for receiving audio and metadata stream, if the client supports these features. With certified Profile G support in XProtect, Milestone partners now have even greater possibilities to design solutions with body-worn cameras, embedded cameras in vehicles or cameras in low bandwidth environments.

Other highlights

Milestone has extended support for H.265 video compression, utilizing the power of true open platform technology to rapidly implement hardware acceleration. The use if this efficient video compression technology can reduce bandwidth needs, save storage space and enable wider deployment of 4K network cameras. The latest H.265 camera supported by Milestone is the new AXIS M2026-LE Mk II.

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