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Milestone CEO publishes ‘Business Magnetism’ book

Milestone CEO publishes ‘Business Magnetism’ book

Milestone CEO publishes ‘Business Magnetism’ book

The CEO and President of Milestone Systems has just published ‘Business Magnetism – The Power of Partnership’. In the book he reveals the keys to Milestone’s entrepreneurial success using open platform technology as an innovation enabler, and he describes the importance of developing an international partner ecosystem as a force multiplier.

Over 17 years, Milestone Systems has grown from a fledgling start-up to a major player in the world of video surveillance, driving the security industry’s move into the digital era and redefining industry expectations about what a video surveillance system can be – and do. When co-founders John Blem and Henrik Friborg Jacobsen established the business, they saw an opportunity: for software that could monitor, record, and retrieve video images in digital format. This was a paradigm shift from the analog world of CCTV.

Lars Thinggaard came on board in 2003 as Milestone’s President and CEO, bringing with him an experienced entrepreneurial background and distinct spirit of open-style Scandinavian leadership which has guided the company to the top of its market. This book is Lars’ story, and the story of Milestone.

‘Business Magnetism’ is about uniting a fragmented industry around a unique vision. It’s about the leadership required to bring together a multi-national business ecosystem, and the courage needed to adapt and change in the face of turbulent global economies. It is about looking to the future, learning from the past, and being open to new ideas. This book is the story of a small, ambitious business flourishing at the start of the 21st century through leadership, openness, and partnership.

“The way Lars tells the Milestone story is a valuable guide for entrepreneurs and everyone connected with business start-ups. Anybody contemplating venture capital should read this book first,” says Giuseppe Zocco, Co-founder and Partner of Index Ventures, Switzerland.

“It has been a privilege to witness Lars’ unique and highly effective management style. In this book he shares some of his secrets and it has become obligatory reading for all the entrepreneurs I am working with!” says Tony Zappala, Highland Capital Partners Europe.

“I appreciated reading this great book and Lars Thinggaard’s insightful views on IP video, partnership and how to build a business ecosystem. Open platforms are certainly in the Milestone Systems DNA and something I really believe in. This book describes how the industry has benefited from the open approach,” states Martin Gren, Founder, Director New Projects, Axis Communications.

“This book demonstrates how unlimited imagination can lead to a big change in the physical security industry. Lars and the co-founders’ insights drove a unique vision for the future that was not achieved by others. You will be amazed at how they bring the players together to grow a successful business with the ecosystem,” says Cheolkyo Kim, CEO of Samsung Techwin.

“The highlight of the book is the leadership compass, defining measurable behaviors. I’m not sure I have seen anyone else that has done this to the same extent. I will use this at our next leadership meeting,” says Phil Aronson, CEO and President of ASG (Aronson Security Group, Inc.).

During Lars Thinggaard’s first decade as CEO, Milestone Systems’ revenue increased more than ten-fold. Today, Milestone is a global leader in the video management software industry, acquired by the Fortune 500 concern Canon in June of 2014. He states:

“My career has been dedicated to the importance of leadership, and I am always looking for refreshing and novel approaches. ‘Business Magnetism’ describes the drive and flexibility needed to lead a company that is innovative and independent.”

Read the book ‘Business Magnetism – The Power of Partnership’ by ordering at or downloading for Kindle.

Meet Lars Thinggaard at the ASIS International trade show in Anaheim, California, September 28-30 in the Milestone booth #3222.

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