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ManageEngine Debuts Real-Time Auditing

ManageEngine Debuts Real-Time Auditing

ManageEngine Debuts Real-Time Auditing

DBAs Receive Instant Alerts for Server and Database-Level Security Changes

· Enables DBAs to respond faster to critical changes that occur on Microsoft SQL Servers, with real-time notifications

· Traces the particular IP address and application from which an event is triggered

· Download the 15-day free trial of SQLDBManager Plus at

ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, announced the availability of real-time alerts for SQL Server audit activities in SQLDBManager Plus, its availability and performance monitoring solution for Microsoft SQL Server. This new capability notifies DBAs the moment any anomalous activity is detected and finds the root cause, enabling a faster threat mitigation response.

“Considering the wealth of valuable information organisations have in SQL Servers and the IT industry’s toughened security management guidance for SQL Servers, DBAs need a consolidated tool to monitor, report, and alert on SQL audit activities,” said Aravindhan Jaganathan, product manager at ManageEngine. “Now, SQLDBManager Plus instantly alerts on suspicious transactions and generates comprehensive audit reports. As a result, DBAs can take immediate corrective actions and prevent similar attacks in the future.”

Tighter SQL Security, Real-Time Audit Alerts, SQL Server Extended Events
The latest version of SQLDBManager Plus enhances its auditing capabilities with real-time audit alerts that are issued as soon as it tracks any unexpected changes in the server. The product lets users configure alarms for the audit events and receive alerts in real time, via email or SMS. It even lets users execute query actions for critical and unauthorised changes made to the SQL Server.

The comprehensive auditing system in SQLDBManager Plus provides robust reports that give insight into minute details of the SQL Server by tracking various events on multiple SQL Server instances. The pre-defined reports are augmented with additional custom reports, designed to meet specific user requirements.

· The login audit trail report provides all captured events such as successful login, logout, and password changes on the audited SQL Server instance.

· The access change report helps track events related to unauthorised attempts to make changes on the database, server and object levels.

· The custom reporting capability allows users to create reports for events such as Add Role Event, DBCC Event Class, Add Member to DB Role and more.

The right combination of reports, with real-time alerts, will help database administrators identify potential internal and external threats to the security of the organisation’s sensitive information, sustain regulatory compliance, tighten security, minimise risk and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Pricing and Availability
SQLDBManager Plus v6 prices start at $795 for up to five SQL Server instances. A free, fully functional, 15-day trial version is available here. Existing customers can access the SQL Server real-time auditing feature when they upgrade to the latest build.

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