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women in security

Where are all the ladies at? Time to honour women in security!

We have a mixed team here in terms of gender and nationalities. But one thing we have all discussed is the lack of visibility of women in this region when it comes to the security industry. Why is that?

If your company scores low on the female headcount you may want to rethink your hiring strategy. Globally the security industry is seeing evolving threats, new technologies and increasing competition – so businesses that don’t encourage women into the profession (or the boardroom) will deprive themselves of untapped resources.

Go to any of the GCC security industry trade shows and the women – aside from hostesses – are scarce to say the least! We know it’s not because there is a lack of talent or ability from ladies in the industry here, but perhaps it is still a sector where females sit a little behind the scenes?

Well, we want to try and help change all that… Therefore over the next 12 months (and maybe longer) we will be running a ‘Women in Security’ theme alongside the usual important news and views on our leading GCC portal.

So we want to hear from YOUR company about inspirational women working in the mid to upper tiers of the security arena – in tech, in management, in marketing, you name it – and we will try and feature as many as we can. We will be doing insightful profile pieces, Q&A’s, and ‘A Day in Her Shoes’ stories.

Time to push those dynamic women in security in the GCC to the foreground!

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