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Kirintec's improvised explosive device disposal operators kit

Kirintec’s improvised explosive device disposal operators kit

Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) Operators love their ‘kit’…

…anything smaller, lighter, preferably with some flashing lights to put black duct tape over are much sought after!

Being serious for a moment, an IEDD Operator’s job can be made much easier by having good equipment; arguably his or her life can be saved by having the right kit.

Types of threat can vary, usually the environment is the so-called ‘low-threat’ where IEDs exist for a specific purpose such as criminal actions or ‘cranks’ experimenting.

However, ‘high-threat’ environments occur more frequently now, where first responders (including the Bomb Team) are actively targeted. These high threat environments are characterised by the use of high tech devices, highly imaginative implementation and larger main charges.

All the operator needs to do, is decide which of the three types of IED, he/she is facing; is it a timed device, a victim operated device or a ‘command’ device, of which radio / remote controlled devices fit into?

All will have different procedures and caveats on the operator’s freedom of action to render the device safe, however highly effective equipment is especially required for the last of those, particularly the radio or remote controlled command device.

An operator must rely on all his/her knowledge learnt to date, which is reinforced by detailed and comprehensive raining. They must do so, while assessing the threat and then consciously stepping forward to protect and save lives, whilst hopefully not placing their own into too much danger!

In the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) world, you must trust in your own ability, in your team and of course, your equipment.

Here at Kirintec, we believe have a balanced team of very clever engineers with ‘old and possibly bold’ former Improvised Explosive Device Disposal operators is a potent mix. Together they have strived to produce one of the world’s best Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) systems in Mercury, along with REBUS.

However today, I wanted to signpost you to our IEDD Individual Operators Kit.

Operators must consider all aspects of a tasking and decided upon the best Render Safe procedure (RSP). As the clue is in the name, ‘Improvised Explosive Device’, the only thing common to IEDs is that if they function as intended by the insurgent, the consequences will be very noticeable and ‘energetic’! With that exception, everything else is only limited by the imagination of the bomb-maker.

The Operator therefore relies upon their extensive knowledge of explosive and ammunition in trying to deduce what the terrorist has done and how he intends for it to function, when considering an RSP.
As new information comes to light, he/she has be dynamic and consider the use of other tools or equipment which might do the job better.

Our Improvised Explosive Device Disposal kit was developed by this great mix of knowledge and ‘hands on’ experience.

Former EOD personnel harnessing the latest ideas and technology for current EOD operators to use. We really understand the threat you face, to help advance your response to these.

In choosing this Kirintec Kit, it allows you to work, carry and use equipment over extended periods of time. It is supplied with lightweight rigging kit in a compact transportation case, however it is also available with a number of optional extras. These include:

• Disrupters
• Ammunition
• Additional render safe equipment – such as flying scalpels, wire cutters, an A-Frame and rigging line

Wherever you are in the world, should you need it, our experienced team is on hand to advise on any purchase decision.

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